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How do you know if someone is struggling with mental health?

There are many factors that contribute to the development of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other disorders in teens and adolescents. It is important to know what signs and symptoms to look for. Below are several signs that may indicate your adolescent or teen is struggling and needs help.

• Angry outbursts or inappropriate anger
• Panic attacks
• Excessive anxiety or worry
• Missing school due to symptoms
• Difficulty concentrating
• Difficulty making transitions
• Extremely happy or high energy at times
• Talking very fast
• Being easily overwhelmed
• Depressed mood – changes in weight or appetite
• Feelings of worthlessness, emptiness, or guilt
• Intense emotions

• Mood swings
• Feels easily criticized or rejected
• Impaired school performance
• Distorted sense of self
• Frequent changes in relationships, image, goals or values
• Impulsivity
• Defies or refuses to comply with rules
• Is easily angered when people set limits
• Fears of being alone
• Complain of headaches, muscle aches, stomachaches, or fatigue
• Moving very slowly

"[Resilience's Resilience] have given my daughter and our family a whole new life. We are able to speak the truth with love and are in constant communication where are feelings are kept safe and heard. She shares all of her burdens and also her daily activities with excitement to share. My daughter has been restored and so has my family."

Amber X.
Parent of Resilience Alumni

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How Can Resilience's Resilience Help My Loved Ones?

Our Fresno, CA - Resilience's Resilience Residential Treatment Center specializes in treating Mental Health Disorders with customized treatment for the individual to get well on the way to his/her mental health disorder recovery.

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